Dream of: 27 February 2006 (2) "New Morning"

Ramey and I were in a break-room in a high-rise office building where Ramey had his office. We were watching a television show -- either "Star Trek," "Babylon 5" or something of that nature. Even though it was the middle of the day, and the show lasted for a couple hours, we continued watching.

It took a while, but I finally figured out Ramey ran an advertising agency in the offices there. He had several employees, but he didn't seem to be doing much work. I asked him if he had all the space on this floor of the building, and he said, no, he only had the break-room on this floor -- his regular offices were on the floor below us.

He had to leave for a while and I continued to watch the show. While he was absent, I noticed some little bird eggs which belonged to Ramey. I picked up one little egg. I also picked up a knife. When Ramey returned, I laid the knife in a sink without his seeing, but I kept the egg.

I was interested in Ramey's work and I thought I might even like to work with him there. I wondered if he ever needed a lawyer. I wasn't working now, and I had the feeling I might like to work with someone, even though I wasn't sure what kind of work I would like to do.

Buckner came to mind -- I wondered how much money Buckner earned these days. I figured he might make $30,000 a year. He had a college diploma. He probably thought $30,000 was a good salary, but it didn't sound like much money to me. Of course, at the same time, I wasn't earning anything right now. I didn't think Ramey was earning much either, but at least he had his own office and people working for him.

The time came for me to leave and I began getting ready. I really didn't have any place to go -- I was simply traveling around. I had a big duffle bag about two meters long. I changed my shirt and put on a dark-blue tank-top. Just as I was about to leave, Ramey walked out into the hall and said goodbye to a woman. When he came back into the room, I saw the white-haired woman (rather fat, her shape resembled a triangle) pass by the door outside and I asked Ramey if she were his mother. He said she was. I thought he was going to bring her in to meet me, but he didn't and she continued on.

I picked up my things and walked out into the hall. A crowd of people was waiting to get on the elevator. They all had to first pass through a security checkpoint. Carrying my big duffle bag, I glanced at a magazine rack.

A skinny little fellow (about 30 years old and wearing a white shirt) walked up to me and held out his hand to shake. I could tell he was going to ask me for money. He grabbed one of my hands and he wouldn't let go. He held on until I finally knocked him down and broke loose. He began complaining when the security personnel walked up. They wanted to know what had happened. They wanted me to sign my name to something. I printed, "Steve," then wrote my name "Steve Collier" so badly they couldn't read it and I had to write my last name a second time so it was legible. I didn't like anyone knowing who I was.

I was chewing gum and one of the security guards said I wasn't allowed to chew gum there. I spit the gum out into a little waste can with a black cellophane liner. I saw something lying on the floor which I at first thought was another piece of gum, but actually looked more like a hot dog which was twisted and tied.

I was finally able to leave. I passed through the security and began singing a little song to myself about "a new morning." Dressed in my blue tank top, carrying my big duffle bag, I was ready to hit the road.

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