Dream of: 27 February 2006 "Vague Encounter"

Carolina and I were in the Summerdale Drive House. I was cleaning out some of my things and I found some old hangers I needed to dispose of.

A week earlier, Carolina and I had gone out, and we had meet another couple. The four of us had had a few drinks and partied together. Certain vague sexual overtones had permeated the encounter. I couldn't exactly describe the feeling -- I just knew I liked being with another couple. Now I couldn't remember the names of the couple, but I remembered where they lived -- in Portsmouth on Offnere Street, between Jackson and Third Streets. I told Carolina I was going to stop and visit the couple when I took this junk away to dispose of. She said that would be fine.

I walked outside, boarded my car, and drove to the couple's house. I stopped the car and stepped out. The two-story frame brown house was impressive and much larger than I had expected. When I walked up to the front door and knocked, I could see inside. The man came to the door and invited me in. He was much older now than he had been last week. He now had gray hair and was probably in his late 50s. I asked him if he remembered me and he said he did. I asked him his name and he said, "Mike."

The woman stepped up. She also looked older and somewhat haggard. I had remembered them as being quite young, not like this. I couldn't remember her name, but I told them I thought her name was "Emily." They said, no, her name was "Mary" -- so their names were Mike and Mary.

When I asked them if they wanted to go out tonight, they seemed reluctant. Apparently the last time, after Carolina and I had left, Mary had become upset and had started crying. Nevertheless, they indicated they might want to go out with us tonight. I thought I would pick up something to drink, perhaps some vodka. We talked a little longer until they decided they would go out with us. I told them I would be back later and I turned to leave.

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