Dream of: 26 February 2006 (2) "Stolen Art"

I had been in Mexico City, Mexico for several days. I had come there to do some art work. It was morning and I had just gotten up and started dressing. I put on a brown and white sweater which I had also worn for the previous two days. I normally changed clothes every day, but I didn't have many clothes with me and I was going to be there for a while. The last time I had been there, I had only stayed for a few days. This time, however, I planned to be there for a long while, and I would have to wear the sweater for several days. I had run into Myers while I had been there. It bothered me a little that I might see her again and she might think I never changed my sweater.

Finished dressing, I walked outside and entered a big central plaza, at the end of which was a museum. As I gazed at the museum, I wondered what would happen if a terrorist were to fly a plane right into the museum. I could vividly imagine the plane crashing and the museum blowing up. I even imagined a reservoir of water on the back of the museum, and how the plane would crash through the museum and into the reservoir, causing all the water to gush out.

I began fantasizing that during the confusion, I could slip into the museum and steal a valuable painting. If I were to succeed, I thought the authorities would quickly try to retrieve any missing objects after the disaster. If I escaped with the painting, I imagined myself fleeing to Europe, perhaps to Paris, where I would lie low for a long time. I would keep the painting for  a while, simply to enjoy. Then I would try to make connections and find someone to buy it. In order to meet the right people, I might first pretend to be a buyer of paintings. Eventually I would find the right person. I would talk about the attack on the museum in Mexico and I would act as if I might know someone who had a painting for sale. Ultimately I would sell the painting which I had stolen.  

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