Dream of: 26 February 2006 "Swindled"

I was with a group of students at place which seemed like a stock show and race track combined (with a carnival atmosphere) when a man approached me and showed me a picture of a horse which he wanted to sell. My group, the man, and I walked up into some bleachers together and I bought the horse. I paid $750 without even seeing the horse. I thought I would race it in a race which was going to be held today.

 Down below us was a big area which looked like a pond. After I had paid, the man pointed to an animal in the pond and indicated it was the animal which I had bought. However, instead of a horse, it actually looked more like a hippopotamus. Four other hippos were also in the pond.

I felt bad because I had already paid for the horse. I protested and I told the man if a hippo was actually a horse, I would accept it. People from my group began looking up the information. One woman had a big book with pictures. She immediately said that the hippo was classified as a horse. I thought she was correct and that I would lose. The people searched until they discovered that a hippo actually was classified as a horse.

I pulled out the picture which the man had originally showed me and I looked at it again. Now the animal in the picture looked more like a large female lion than a horse. I thought the picture was ground for annulling the sale. Obviously the animal which I had bought didn't look anything like the animal in the picture. I decided I had been swindled and I said I didn't want to buy the animal.

Another fellow who looked exactly like Danny DeVito (about 40 years old) jumped up and said he would help me get my money back. Apparently the seller of the animal had a bad reputation there. DeVito and I walked together out of the stands and down to the central area where the person in charge of the stock show was located. I was afraid the man who had sold me the animal would leave or get rid of the money before we could return. Even if the seller didn't leave, I feared I wouldn't get my money back.

 Just as DeVito reached the place where the man in charge was supposed to be, a short thin man (about 50 years old) walked up and DeVito addressed him as his father. I remembered the man as someone who had taught my shop class in junior high school, but he didn't remember me. I was unsure whether he actually didn't recognize me, or whether for some reason he was ashamed to admit he knew me because of the way I had turned out over the years. I recalled he had once liked me. I told him who I was, and DeVito began explaining to him the situation with the purchase of the animal.

As we were talking, the man in charge of the place walked up. I began explaining to him how I thought I had been swindled by buying a hippo when I had thought I would receive a horse. I didn't know if I could get my money back, but at least the man was listening to me.

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