Dream of: 25 February 2006 "Naked Superman"

whatever others might think, never be ashamed of your power

I was living in Portsmouth in the Victorian Gay Street House (where I lived when I was in junior high and high school). The House was owned by my father (about 50 years old) who had offices in rooms all over the House with people working in them. I myself was sitting at a computer in a downstairs room, trying to trade some stock, when my father walked into the room and wanted to use the computer. I stood up so he could have the computer and I walked upstairs.

I entered the upstairs room on the Eighth Street side of the house and found several people, including my sister (around 30 years old). I sat down at another computer and saw that by mistake I had previously bought a couple hundred shares of a stock and I had forgotten about it. The stock price had sunk a bit and I had lost about $10. I thought I would hang onto the stock anyway and list it in my portfolio. I did so.

I also found a bottle of whiskey which belonged to my father, took a couple drinks, then put the bottle in a refrigerator. I figured my father probably wouldn't appreciate my drinking his whiskey while I was living there. 

My father soon walked into the room with another bottle of whiskey in his hand. He told me he also wanted to use this computer. I asked him if he minded if I returned to the computer downstairs, and he said ok. 

As I headed out of the room, toward the hallway where the stairs were, I noticed a couple new girls who had just started working there today. To impress them, I asked them if they would like to see how I went down the stairs. I walked out in the hallway, and even though they could still see me, I proceeded to take off all my clothes. 

 In front of the girls, I jumped over the banister above the stairs and I lightly floated down to the first floor. Once I landed, I raced back up the stairs all the way to the top. I repeated the same action a couple more times, jumping over the banister, floating to the ground below, then racing back up the stairs. 

On my last trek back to the top of the stairs, I thought I heard my father talking to my sister in the room at the top of the stairs. It sounded as if he were asking my sister how the two girls (probably in their early 20s) had gotten along today (apparently they had already left). My sister began complaining about my "flying around naked" in the House. I thought to myself that the only thing she could think about was that I was naked - my power to fly made no impression on her. 

I had felt so good flying around the House, I decided I wanted to fly more. Again I descended to the first floor, and still naked, I walked outside, simply flew over to a nearby park, and flew out over a large lake in the middle of the park. I hadn't flown for a while, and the feeling of doing so again was pleasurable. I thought I needed to be flying at least once a week. I flew in various positions: sometimes in a standing position, sometimes stretched out on my stomach like Superman.

As I flew back and forth across the lake, I noticed a couple girls sitting on the porch of their house on a street which ran along one side of the park. They were watching me. Since I was completely naked, I was unsure what they thought about me. I continued flying anyway. I flew higher, headed toward some electrical wires, flew back down, and circled past some trees, until I noticed a gruff-looking fellow (about 40 years old) standing down below me. Dressed in shabby work clothes, he was also watching me.

Slowly I realized the two girls and the man were offended because I was flying naked. As I flew closer to the man, he even indicated he wanted to fight with me. I steered away from him and headed closer to the girls, who I now saw were rather homely. I heard them say something insulting to me. Nevertheless, I wanted to tell them that I was flying in front of them because I liked them, and that they should appreciate the fact. I could tell, however, that they were of a coarse nature, and that talking with them was pointless. 

I flew away from them, realizing it was almost time for me to leave. I began to think I should fly like this at least once a week. I might need to fly like this sometime to escape the police. So I definitely needed to keep practicing. 

As I looked down again at the lake-water below me, I wondered if I could dive into the water and come straight back up out of the water and continue flying. I didn't intend to try such a maneuver right now, with the man and girls present. If I failed, they might try to grab me. Sometime, however, I would try the exercise: fly along above water, dive into the water, rise straight back up out of the water and continue flying in the air. 

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