Dream of: 24 February 2006 "The Law of the Grow"

As I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse, checking out some vinyl record albums and 8-track tapes which I had never played before, to see if they were any good, a couple lions - a male and a female - walked into the room. I had raised these lions since they had been cubs, and now they were almost full grown. I would sometimes take them for a walk around the Farm, and they seemed as if they wanted to go for a walk now. So we all stepped outside. All three of us climbed onto a big machine which seemed somewhat like a tractor, somewhat like a bulldozer. There was room for all three. 

The machine was difficult to operate - I almost had to lie down on my back to do so - but I finally put it in motion and we headed down the road in front of the Farmhouse, traveling east. We first had to descend a very steep hill. The road was paved and the traffic was heavy. Many people in the passing cars looked at the lions. 

We hadn't traveled far before the female jumped off the machine and headed toward an old abandoned building along the side of the road. She gracefully jumped through a window of the building. I knew she would be alright because she knew her way around the area. I also knew that both lions were reaching the age when they might simply take off and live by themselves. 

Since the female lion had left us, I decided I wasn't going to go any further. As I started trying to turn the machine around, a man walked up to me and asked me about "the lion." I began describing him to her, and I said, "She's plain and pure and the law of the grow."

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