Dream of: 21 February 2006 "Vomiting A Coupon"

I was riding in the front passenger seat of a car, headed to Portsmouth, still far away. A heavy-set black man (in his late 50s) was driving. He was just someone I had picked up along the way - the car belonged to me. A couple women whom I had also picked up somewhere were sitting in the back seat. 

It was night outside. Rain was falling and I could barely see the road, my vision was so poor. I didn't know how the driver was able to drive in this weather. We were probably traveling at 50-60 miles per hour, speeding around curves in the road. Someone on the radio was talking about how some people had trouble driving and how some people drove too fast. 

We finally pulled into a convenience store. Since it was already around 9 p.m., I thought maybe we should get a motel room. But the driver said he had no problem driving and that he could see the road just fine. I asked him where we were and he said we were somewhere in Arkansas.  I asked how much further we were going to go and he mentioned the names of two places where we were headed. One place had two words in the name, one of which was "Portsmouth" (not Portsmouth, Ohio, but another Portsmouth in Illinois, a couple hours inside the state border). I figured we still had a couple more hours to go in Arkansas, and then a couple more hours in Illinois - or four more hours of travel - so we would reach the Portsmouth, Illinois destination around 1 a.m. We could probably get a room there, and the driver and I might even share a room. 

The driver stepped out of the car to go into the convenience store and use the restroom. Another man, a woman, and a girl (7-8 years old) walked out of the store. The girl walked over to a trash can and began vomiting in it. The man and woman spoke to each other and said the girl was throwing up a coupon which she had eaten.

I wasn't going to go inside the store at first, but then I decided to go. As I got out of the car I grabbed the keys, thinking I shouldn't leave the keys in the car with the women whom I hardly knew. As I walked away from the car, I clicked the remote control on the keys to lock the doors. 

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