Dream of: 20 February 2006 "Leaving Dreams"

I had been regularly entering Louise's apartment late at night and leaving my dreams in the same room where Louise was sleeping. The procedure was complicated: I would pound rows of little nails into the wall, then attach letters to each nail, spelling out the words of the dream. 

On this particular night I was in Louise's room, attaching letters to the nails which I had pounded in the wall. I had just finished writing several words, one of which was "Carolina." As I prepared to put up the letters for the next word, I noticed some of the letters of Carolina's name had disappeared. I quickly concluded that while my back had been turned, Louise had stood up and taken down the letters, and then she had lain back down. I took Louise's action as a sign that she might not want me writing these dreams on her wall. 

I stepped over to the side and suddenly saw Vernon (dressed in a suit) standing in the room and staring at me. While Louise remained in the bed as if she were asleep, he asked what I was doing there. Vernon and I both sat down and began talking. I explained that I only came there to leave my dreams and nothing else. 

I thought I was probably going to have to fight Vernon. I knew I had had dreams about fighting him and in the dreams he had known karate. I thought tonight the fight would actually take place. But Vernon did nothing. Finally I simply gathered up my things and I left.


I was in the lobby of the high-rise apartment building where Louise was living. Many people were milling about the lobby. As I passed through, someone announced that everyone should stay where they were and not move. I didn't like what I was hearing, but I stopped.

A man walked in and made an announcement that they were aware someone had been entering someone's room at night and leaving messages. The man said they wouldn't allow this intrusion to continue. I knew immediately that the man was referring to me and that I wouldn't be able to leave any more dreams for Louise. 

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