Dream of: 18 February 2006 "Collecting Caps"

I was sitting in a parking lot covered with deep snow. Walls (about 25 years old) drove up in a tank with just his head sticking out. I could see that Walls was dressed in a military uniform. Another man (also dressed in a military uniform and obviously Walls's superior) also walked up. Walls drove the tank back and forth across the parking lot, doing maneuvers. He was wearing a cap which he changed several times. I didn't know what the changing of the cap signified. 

When Walls finally stopped the tank, he was wearing a dark green cap. I took off the dark blue cap which I was wearing, walked over to Walls, and handed my cap to him. I didn't intend for him to keep my cap, but he put it on his head and looked at me. I was emotionally moved, because it looked as if Walls were going to depart for a military mission. He looked as if he were about to wave goodbye. I raised my hand to my head and saluted him. He saluted back, then turned and rode off in the tank. Only now did I realize he was going to keep my cap. 

I fell over into the snow, thinking of the loss of my cap. Now I would have to find another one. I even found the subject of caps intriguing. I wondered when the first cap had been made, and I wondered if some people collected caps. I was sure someone did. Maybe I would even like to start a collection of caps with the names of companies on them. But then I thought how there must be thousands, perhaps millions, of different caps like that. I didn't want to start collecting something like that.

I began questioning why I even wanted to collect things in the first place. Collecting things didn't make sense. I certainly didn't want to start a collection of caps. That would be ridiculous. 

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