Dream of: 17 February 2006 "Gold Coins"

I had found a cache of gold coins in the barn behind the house where my father (45-50 years old) and I were living. When my father returned home, I showed him one gold coin, which bore the date "1825." He looked at the coin and immediately said he was going to call the police. Apparently he thought these coins might have been recently stolen. He wanted to know where I had found the coins, but I wouldn't tell him. I took back my coin and he picked up the phone. I listened while he talked - it sounded as if the police wouldn't be able to come right now. 

I walked out of the house, thinking I still had time to dig up the coins and hide them. I wished I had done things differently. I wished I had dug up the coins and hidden them somewhere else before telling my father about them. I thought turning the coins over to the police now was ridiculous and I was determined not to do it. I figured all the coins might be worth a million dollars.

I figured that when the police arrived, I would need to show them another coin instead of the one I had shown to my father, so they wouldn't be able to identify and trace the coin. I would need to buy another similar coin somewhere.

As I contemplated what to do, it seemed as if I actually had already hidden the coins somewhere else, and I didn't think anyone would be able to find them. I was already planning how to get rid of the coins: I would take them far away and sell them one at a time. Once I had received cash for all the coins, I thought I might start up a laser company. I would hire young recent college graduates who knew about lasers, and I would learn a lot about lasers myself. 

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