Dream of: 13 February 2006 "Freezing Water"

Louise (extremely passionate) and I were lying naked in a bed, kissing. She pulled her legs back so her knees were up by her ears, thus exposing her open vagina. I stuck my head down between her legs and began licking her. A tiny spurt of liquid shot out of her. I continued for a while.

Finally, Louise stood up and said she was going downstairs. It was morning. I went back to sleep for perhaps half an hour, then I also stood up and walked downstairs. I was feeling a little guilty because I wasn't working now and Louise was, and I was still getting up later than she. I had been lazing around while she was already up and going. 

We were in the House in Patriot. I walked into the kitchen and looked for Louise. A bathroom was in the area where the stove normally stood. I walked back to the door of the bathroom, looked inside, and saw someone with black hair lying in the bathtub. I didn't recognize her at first, but finally I realized the person was Louise. She was almost completely covered with water and her head was under the water. Her hands were lying on her pubic region and she appeared to be masturbating.

I walked over to the tub and stuck my hand in the water - it was freezing. Louise raised her head out of the water - she didn't seem happy to see me. I stuck my hand down to her vagina and I felt something hard. Louise said a tampon was there, and I realized she had been masturbating with the tampon. I was beginning to think she was a sex addict. The fact didn't bother me - I was ready to have sex again anyway. 

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