Dream of: 12 February 2006 "Zeus"

I began looking through some old 8-track tapes which I had found in my room. The tapes were in good shape - the paper on the front wasn't wrinkled. I found one with a picture of a black man with the word "Zeus" written in large blue letters at the bottom. Another tape had a picture of a different black man, with the same writing at the bottom. Other tapes had other words written at the bottom. I liked the looks of the tapes and I thought I might even make a display of them. 

I found one tape by Bob Dylan. I put it on and listened. I also liked these tapes because I had figured out that I could listen to them with the same headphones with which I listened to my MP3 player. I was definitely going to enjoy these tapes. The trick was to keep a working 8-track machine - the old 8-track machines were hard to find. 

I was listening with my eyes closed when I abruptly felt something. I opened my eyes and saw my sister had walked into the room. I thought she might want to have some physical contact, but she only wanted to know something about a car outside, which apparently had an 8-track tape-player in it. 

When she turned and left, I watched her through the window as she walked outside. I could see two cars parked out there - one on one side of the house and another on the other side. She climbed into one car with a fellow sitting in it. They sat there for a while, and I began to think they might be having sex out there in the car. 

For some reason, I thought my sister might have left the door open to the other car. I thought perhaps I should go out and check the door, but I finally convinced myself she must have closed the door. Besides, I was too tired and I didn't want to go outside anyway. 

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