Dream of: 11 February 2006 (2) "Tranquil And Serene"

I was working on my computer in the kitchen of the House in Patriot. I wanted to buy a stock. I was having trouble pulling up the stock page, but I finally pulled it up. I wanted to buy a particular stock, but the price was changing dramatically. First the price would be $30, then $80, then $50. I wanted to buy as low as I could and I was trying to put in a low bid. But I couldn't see the screen well and I tried to open another page which would have the correct current stock quotes on it. 

Suddenly some pictures appeared on the screen and started rolling, one picture after the other. I thought I saw a couple nude women in the pictures, but the pictures were going so fast, I couldn't be sure.

Some other people were also in the kitchen. I didn't know where they had all come from. Among them was a girl (about 15 years old) who was standing behind me. She apparently was interested in the pictures and she wanted to see more. But when I saw the girl's mother also in the room, I knew the mother wouldn't be happy if the girl saw the nude pictures, even though almost all pictures were completely innocuous. I desperately tried to stop the pictures from rolling and I finally succeeded, although I was unsure whether the mother had seen the explicit pictures. 

I thought the girl was just beginning to learn about sex. I thought I might be able to help her if I pulled one of my more evocative dreams onto the screen for her to read. I finally pulled up a dream and I glanced over it. The dream was about a Muslim girl, but also had some sexual overtones in it. I left the page open for the girl to see. 

When I turned back around to look behind me, I noticed Bill Gates (thin and only 18-19 years old) among the people in the room. I knew I regularly worked with Gates and I often saw him in my workplace, but I had never seen him there in the House in Patriot. Other people were also surprised to see him and they began talking with him. The others didn't know much about him, like I did. When I asked him what he was doing there, he smiled and said that was a long story. He said he liked it out there and I told him that I loved it there, that this was a great place. It was so tranquil and serene in this area of the world. Nevertheless, I was still surprised to see Gates there. 

Another fellow in the room began talking about a problem he was having with some money. He had put the money up as collateral for something, and now he was in a bit of a panic because he couldn't get the money back. I was a bit amused that the fellow was talking in front of Gates about the money - Gates being so rich. The fellow even asked Gates for advice and Gates basically told him he wouldn't get the money back. The fellow asked me if there was some way he could get the money back, and I told him yes, he could get the money back if he paid off the debt. However, since the debt was much higher than the amount of money put up as collateral, paying off the debt wouldn't help. I had, however, correctly answered his question. 

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