Dream of: 11 February 2006 "Party Clothes"

While Carolina and I were in the Summerdale Drive House, I saw a car pull quickly into our driveway. I could see my pet Dalmatian Picasso and a couple other dogs beside the driveway, and then I noticed that a couple of people had stepped up and were looking at the dogs. It looked to me as if the car must have hit one of the dogs. 

Angry, I rushed outside. I couldn't tell whether a man or woman was driving, but it looked as if a big short-haired brown dog had been hit. I walked up to the dog, petted it and tried to feel if any bones were broken. It started walking around and appeared to be unharmed. Apparently the dog had been bumped by the car, but it hadn't been run over. Since I thought the dog was going to be OK, I wasn't going to raise a fuss. 

Other people began gathering and soon some even walked into the House. Soon many people from all over the neighborhood were in the House, having a party. Many were drinking alcohol and everyone seemed to be having a good time. I was a little worried, however, because I didn't know these people and I had valuables in the House. I thought I should check around the House to make sure everything was secure. 

I walked around through the rooms until I reached a back bedroom, where I discovered a tall slender fellow (about 20 years old). I gruffly asked, "What are you doing here?"

As he apologized and headed for the door, he pulled on a jacket and seemed to be zipping up his pants. As he exited, I wondered if he had been masturbating there in the back room. That was disgusting. Since I didn't see anything missing, however, I walked back in and joined the party. 

The festivities went on and on. Finally I went looking for Carolina and found her in a back room changing clothes. She put on a dress slit right up the front. She wasn't wearing any panties and her black pubic hairs were clearly visible. She was only in her early 20s and extremely attractive. I thought she was going to walk right out in front of people in the revealing dress. I found this erotic, that she was going to display herself. 

I also fantasized about what it would be like if Carolina were wearing a low cut top in public so that when she bent over her breasts and nipples would be exposed. I had never seen a woman's nipples in public and I thought that would be quite erotic if Carolina exposed herself that way. I might examine her wardrobe to see if I could find something like that for her to wear. 

I even thought she and I might make love in front of the people. I wondered what everyone would think. However, I walked out of the room before she did, and she never did actually come out. 

The party lasted all night and people didn't start leaving until the next morning. I walked outside and found people still standing on the front yard, even though it was now light. I noticed a couple attractive women whom I hadn't seen earlier. They were sitting at a table. I sat down next to one, placed my hand on her leg and asked her who she was. She said she ran a clothing store. I told her I didn't want her to meet my wife because I knew Carolina would want to visit the clothing store and spend money. The woman moved so that my hand fell from her leg. I didn't think she had appreciated my hand being there. The two women stood, walked across the street and entered a house. 

Another fellow walked up and we started talking. He asked if I were going to invite people over again. I told him I only needed to set a bottle on the table. I thought I might even have another party tonight. 

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