Dream of: 10 February 2006 "Tracked Down"

I was sitting in a large covered parking lot next to a white frame two-story building which housed a business owned by my father. I was watching the place for my father, who was ill and who would probably die soon. Abruptly around 20 men walked out of the building. I didn't even know how they had gone inside. They were all carrying bottles of liquor. I had seen these same men walk out of this building once before, but I didn't know where the liquor was coming from. 

I stopped them and demanded that they tell me who they were and what they were doing there. I grabbed a bottle containing a clear liquid from one of them, but the men paid me no mind and simply kept going. I realized something which I didn't understand was taking place there. Maybe these men belonged to the Mafia and they had a deal with my father to store liquor there. Maybe the liquor was stolen. I didn't know. But I knew I was probably in over my head by making these demands. The men all boarded cars parked in the parking lot and they all drove off. 

There were places to sit in the parking lot and I took a seat. Other people also soon showed up and began milling about. A couple women showed up and began talking Spanish. One knew me and she began speaking Spanish with me. The place almost seemed like a large office and some lawyers seemed to be working there. When a man walked in carrying a little box and called out, "Jerry Davis!," one of the lawyers stepped up to him and looked at the box. I said, "Jerry Davis?" Somehow the name seemed familiar to me. 

A second man also looked at the box and finally one of them pointed to me. The fellow who had carried in the box brought it over to me and handed it to me. I looked inside, saw some papers, and immediately recalled that Jerry Davis had been one of my old bankruptcy clients. Apparently he had sent the box to me. I looked through the papers and quickly realized Davis needed to have his bankruptcy plan modified. Obviously he had fallen behind on his payments to the bankruptcy trustee, and he now needed to have the payments changed. 

I was amazed at all this, because I had thought that all my old bankruptcy cases were closed. I certainly didn't want to work on the modification - I wasn't practicing bankruptcy law anymore. Of course I would make $350 if I did the modification and it would be quick work. I tried to remember exactly what I would need to do and I began looking more closely at the papers, trying to figure out what had happened in the bankruptcy case. 

Clearly Davis had fallen behind. Since the bankruptcy payments had to be completed within a certain time, I didn't think any time remained to change the payments. Maybe, however, I could modify the plan to make one last lump-sum payment, assuming Davis had the money to do that. 

I knew that bankruptcy law had been recently changed, but I didn't know if the changes would affect modifications. I began to recall the procedure for modifications. First I would have to request a modification form from the Trustee's office. The Trustee would send me the form. I would have to complete the paperwork and set the modification for a hearing. That would be it. So I thought I would probably go ahead and work on the modification and make a few extra dollars at the same time. 

I was still amazed that Davis had been able to track me down because I hadn't left any forwarding addresses. Somehow he had tracked me down to this exact spot and sent me the paperwork. 

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