Dream of: 09 February 2006 "Walking The Ohio"

My mother (about 40 years old) was driving a car in which I was sitting in the front passenger seat. We were headed to the Gallia County Farm. As we rode along, I could hear my father talking to my mother. His voice seemed to be coming out of the radio speakers, as if he were talking to her on a telephone. 

Apparently my father was very sick and would soon die. My mother asked him if he had made all his final arrangements. In a weak voice, he answered, "Yes." He said he had taken care of everything and divided up all his property. He said it had all worked out fine, except for one thing. I knew he was referring to me. My mother asked him about the Farm. He said it would leave it to "a son." I thought he probably meant my nephew Steven or my nephew David, since he probably thought of them as his sons. I certainly didn't think he was referring to me.

He sounded sad. My mother asked if he had done everything the way he had originally planned, and again he said yes, except for one thing. Again I knew he was talking about me. He said the president of the United States would probably have to decide what to do with $50,000-$60,000. I figured that he was probably going to leave that paltry amount to me, but that he would even tie that up so I would have difficulty obtaining it. 

Referring to his ex-girlfriend, Christa, he said "Conkel" would be happy and he talked about how he hadn't paid Christa as much as he should have when she used to work for him in his business. He was making up for that in his will. I wasn't sure what my mother thought about that, because I knew she didn't like Christa.

He sounded a bit bitter and sad at the same time. He said someone should have been with him, that he liked to wake up and see someone sitting there. 

I didn't think he knew I was in the car listening to what he was saying, but abruptly with a scratchy voice, he said, "Steven, will you come over and help me walk the Ohio."

I knew he was speaking figuratively of the Ohio River, as if he and I could walk together along the pleasant shores of the river. I could hardly say anything, but finally I gulped, "Yes."

I thought he was in his new Hilltop House. I thought I should probably go up there right now. By now, we had reached the Farm. We would have to turn around and drive all the way back to New Boston if I were going to see him. I thought I should go quickly - he didn't sound as if he would last long.

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