Dream of: 07 February 2006 "Quicksilver"

I was sitting in a big living room in a house where a party was going on. When everyone left the room, I began looking through a stack of old record albums, and I decided to play some albums which I had never heard, just to see what they were like. I thought they would be bad, but even if they were, hearing them would be interesting. 

I started listening to them one and a time. It wasn't long before my ex-brother-in-law, James, walked in and sat down in a chair in the corner. He and I were alone in the room, and we continued listening to one album after the other. Even though the quality of the albums was poor, I was enjoying myself and James also seemed to be having a good time. 

After I had put on one album, I realized it was an album I had never heard before by the rock group, Quicksilver. It wasn't too bad. Next I picked out a Pink Floyd album which I had never heard. 

We sat for a while until James pulled out something which looked like little brown cigars - about five centimeters long - but not made of tobacco. He lit one and we passed it back and forth, smoking it. I rather enjoyed it. We continued smoking, listening to the music, and making comments about the music. I was having a good time.

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