Dream of: 05 February 2006 (2) "Friends"

I walked into a room where several people, including Phoebe Buffay (the character played by the actress Lisa Kudrow on the television series "Friends") were standing around talking about the subject of  "friends" They wanted me to join in the conversation. I sat down, uncertain what to say about the subject. At first I thought I would simply say I didn't have any friends. But when I thought back on it, I realized I had always had friends, all through my life. So I spoke up and said exactly that, that all through my life I had had friends. 

I then began retracing my friendships by starting at the first grade. I recalled that when I had gone to the first grade I had been good friends with two boys in my class. I then continued recounting my friendships through my early years of school, until I finally noticed Clifford sitting next to me on my right. I recalled that Clifford and I had been best friends in the seventh grade. I thought I would next tell about that friendship - without mentioning Clifford by name - and talk about the unfortunate end of the friendship. I would simply explain how we had had a fight one day and had stopped being friends. I knew Clifford would know I was talking about him, even though I wouldn't mention him by name. 

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