Dream of: 02 February 2006 (2) "Novocain"

Carolina and I stopped by the Gay Street House, where my father was living in an upstairs apartment. We hadn't planned to see him, but after we had entered my father's apartment, my father walked in with a small black-haired woman (only about 25 years old). She was friendly and rather pretty. I was very surprised to see the woman because I knew my father was either dating or living with Kay. I recognized the woman, but I hadn't seen her in a long time.

Carolina and I sat and watched the woman walk around the apartment. Finally, my father and the woman sat down and we talked for a while. My father said he was taking "Novocain." Apparently he had a problem with his teeth. I looked at his ugly teeth, which were yellow and spreading apart. I asked him if he were going to lose his teeth and he said he might lose one or two, but he wasn't going to lose them all. He definitely didn't look healthy.

Nevertheless, he was friendly. We hadn't seen each other in a while. He was only about 40 years old. The woman was also friendly and I kept trying to think of her name. I asked her who she was, but she wouldn't tell me. In my mind I began going through the alphabet, "A, B, C, D ..." all the way through the alphabet, trying to remember her name, but I still couldn't remember.

Carolina and I walked into the next room and sat down. After a short while, I was surprised to see Kay (about 20 years old) walk in. She was rather pretty, animated and friendly. She had bought a new dress which she wanted to try on. She walked over to the other side of the room to put on the dress, and for a moment I thought I saw her breast, but I wasn't sure.

Startled by her presence, I wondered what Kay would do if she saw the other woman with my father. I asked her if she had seen my father and she said he had just left. Apparently someone downstairs had seen my father pull out in his car just before Kay had pulled in. I felt disappointed. Seeing Kay meet the other woman there would have been quite exciting.

Kay walked out of the room. I stretched out on the couch and Carolina lay on a couch on the other side of the room. Suddenly I realized that everything which had just happened had been a dream and that I needed to record the dream. I pulled out my little silver boom-box which had a tape recorder in it and I started recording. I said, "Carolina and I went to see my father."

I could see Carolina perk up on the other side of the room. I had pointedly put her name first because I thought she would be interested if she knew she had appeared in the dream. She was definitely listening to what I was saying.

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