Dream of: 02 February 2006 "Japanese University Of Dallas"

I was driving a car in Dallas. A fellow (about 25 years old) who was my friend was riding in the front seat with me. We passed a driveway which led to a university where mostly Chinese or Japanese students studied. I was thinking I might like to start taking karate lessons and it occurred to me that karate might be taught there. On a lark, I pulled in, parked the car and my friend and I stepped out. We walked into a building filled with hundreds of young students (probably in their early 20s). Only a few were Anglos. All the rest were either Japanese or Chinese, I didn't know which. Finally I concluded they were Japanese. The atmosphere was vibrant. Most were well-dressed - many were wearing black and white suits.

My friend and I walked into an area which seemed like a student union and we sat down. Perhaps 200 people were in the room. I didn't know what to say or who to ask about karate lessons. I didn't even know if anyone there spoke English: it sounded as if everyone was speaking Japanese. I wanted to learn more about this place - I definitely liked the feel there.

Suddenly something happened and the students (except for about dozen) gathered together in little circles (about 20 students to a circle) and put their arms on each other. They bent down on their knees and began moving around in a circular direction. The effect was pretty. I had the feeling they were performing some type of solidarity exercise. Then the circles broke up and the students started doing push-ups.

I still didn't know what to say to anyone. Finally I saw a sign and I realized I knew the name of this place: "Japanese University of Dallas." I thought I could go on-line and find out the info I needed. I told my friend that I now knew what to do, that I could go on-line. He agreed that going on-line was a good idea.

He and I stood up to leave. He walked out ahead of me. Just as I reached the big glass door to leave, an extremely attractive Anglo woman (probably in her late 20s) ran up to me and hugged me. She pulled back away. I looked at her inquiringly and said, "Yes?" as if to ask her what she wanted.

She kept backing away without saying anything. I watched her walk off, admiring her gorgeous breasts and her overall beauty. As I walked outside, I wondered why I hadn't said anything else. I was wearing my old gray coat and it seemed as if I hadn't brushed my teeth - I worried that I might have bad breath. I sadly reflected that I had missed my chance with her.

More people were outside. As I walked among them, I suddenly raised my left hand for some reason, and I hit a girl walking beside me right in the nose. I whispered to her that I was sorry. I didn't think she had heard me, so I said I was sorry again. She nodded. I was thinking if I were there much, I would learn a few of the basic Japanese words for "thank you" and "I'm sorry."

I hurried along looking for my friend. I wanted to tell him about the woman who had hugged me. I still couldn't figure out why she had done that. I definitely liked this place, however, and I was definitely going to return. 

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