Dream of: 30 January 2006 (2) "Finances"

I was living in a nice apartment with my mother and my father (both probably in their late 30s). I was in the apartment when I received a phone call from my mother. She had taken my pet Dalmatian Picasso to the vet that morning because he had been a little sick. I hadn't wanted her to go, and now I asked her how much the vet was going to cost. She hesitated, then said it would be about $1,000. I became so angry that she had paid so much, I said, "I gotta go," and I hung up.

I walked over to my father, who was sitting in the room, and I told him my mother had just paid $1,000 for Picasso. I continued, "In the last month, she's paid about $2,000 for vet bills."

She had two different vets which she went to. I thought to myself how the vets just loved to see her coming, how they would rub their hands together at the thought of all the money she would spend. They could charge her whatever they wanted. 

I suggested to my father that in the future, we might want to separate our financial accounts. All three accounts were together at the present. Since my mother was working, in the future she could have her separate account and pay out of her own money for Picasso. 

I told my father we could split the rent three ways. Since I hadn't been paying rent, this new arrangement would cost me extra money, but I thought it would work out better if I began paying one third of the rent. 

I sat down at a table and opened up a little portable computer. I was getting ready to work on my stocks. When I found my stock page, everything on the page was different from usual. A note at the top of the page explained that this new page would be a surprise for me, that the old format had been changed. I was peeved. I didn't want the old format to be changed. I wanted the old format so I could go straight to my stocks and start working on them. Now, however, I had to deal with this.

Meanwhile, some other people had walked into the room and sat down at another table to my right. A man began talking to the other three or four people about their finances, and how they could invest their money. 

I again concentrated on my stock page. I saw a button on the screen which apparently would allow me to revert to the old classic screen. I thought I would try that. Right now, I was only concerned about finding my stock page.

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