Dream of: 30 January 2006 "Child Welfare"

I was jogging around the outside perimeter of a large rectangular area which was occupied by a fair. Just as I was about to jog across a street, I noticed a little light-skinned black girl (1-2 years old) following me in a little toy car which she was driving. As I reached the other side of the street, with a bit of a shock, I realized she might have followed me into the street. I turned around, and sure enough, she was right in the middle of the street. A speeding car passed by her, barely missing her. 

She stopped her little car, stepped out, and stood right in the middle of the street. A car backing up almost hit her. Then another car sped past and almost hit her. I ran back to her and snatched her up into my arms. I didn't want to grab her like that - someone might think I was kidnapping her - but someone had to do something. 

I carried her out of the street. Now I saw that a second little black girl (3-4 years old) had apparently been taking care of the first little girl. Obviously the second little girl wasn't old enough to take care of anyone, and I asked the second girl where the mother was. She acted as if she didn't know. 

I was uncertain what to do with little girl in my arms. Other people began gathering around. Apparently they had seen the girl before and someone even mentioned that this same type of incident had happened once before. I asked someone to call the police. I didn't want to keep the girl, but now that I had her in my hands, I didn't have much choice. I asked if anyone knew where the child welfare office was, and someone said it was about 50 miles from here. 

A big building which looked like an office building was sitting on the corner. I walked inside, still carrying the girl. I entered a room with some counters and some women behind the counters. I asked if anyone knew where the child welfare office was. 

Suddenly the mother of the girl walked into the room. She was also a light-skinned black. She was thin and about 25 years old. She wanted me to give the girl to her, but I refused. I figured if she had been so negligent as to allow the girl to go into the street, she shouldn't have the girl. I had no particular affection for the girl, but I felt as if I were in this situation now and I couldn't get out until I had found some place safe for the girl.

I asked if someone would call the police. A woman picked up a phone and called the police. The woman talked for a moment, then called me to the phone. After setting the girl on the counter, I walked over, took the phone, and began talking with a police officer. He said he had been told that a gay fellow had brought in a girl. I indignantly told him I wasn't gay and I didn't know why anyone would have said that. 

I told him about the girl and what had happened. Finally he said that someone would come in 15-20 minutes. I handed the phone back to the woman and told her the police would be here in 15-20 minutes.

Suddenly I realized the mother might have snatched the girl from the counter and left. But when I hustled back to the counter, the girl was still sitting there. More people had gathered around. I resigned myself to waiting until the police came. 

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