Dream of: 29 January 2006 "Law School Graduation"

I was at the graduation ceremony for law school. I was among 40-50 other law students who were going to graduate and receive their licenses to practice law. Although I had been hanging around the law school for the last quarter, I hadn't actually been taking classes, because I thought I already had enough credits to graduate. 

The ceremony was taking place outdoors. All the students were sitting in folding chairs in front of a podium which had been set up in front of the room. I was sitting off to myself, a bit removed from everyone else.

This morning when I had dressed, I had decided to wear a sleeveless tank-top t-shirt to this ceremony. My pants were actually shorts, which fell to the knees, so my legs were uncovered from the knees down. Now I saw that almost everyone else there at the ceremony was dressed up. Most men were wearing immaculate suits and ties. Several seemed to be wearing a special tweed suit. Only two or three fellows weren't ties. I began asking myself why I had dressed like this to come to my law school graduation. I particularly noticed how much skin was exposed on my arms and legs. I consoled myself that many women were wearing dresses which also exposed their arms and legs - so at least I wasn't different from them.

When I noticed that everyone else had envelopes, I wondered if those envelopes held the law licenses or the law degrees, and I began to wonder if I had done everything necessary to receive my law license. I hadn't even bothered to ascertain that I had enough credits. I began to worry a little, but I didn't want to go up to the podium now and ask someone. 

Suddenly four fellows stepped out in front. Apparently these four were professional wrestlers, and they were going to pick four law students and wrestle with them in front of everyone. Due to my attire, I knew immediately that I would be picked. So, of course, one of the wrestlers walked up to me and wanted to start wrestling. The other three wrestlers also picked out law students and they all immediately began wrestling on the ground and rolling around. I however refused to wrestle. When my wrestler tried to pull me out of my chair, I fended him off, and when he came at me again, I managed to turn him around and put him in a choke hold with my arm around his neck. I refused to get down on the ground with him.

In an area between the law students and the podium was a big pit, full of foul black mud. The other three wrestlers drug their law students into the pit and soon they were all covered with mud, buried in the mud. I was determined that I wasn't going to get in the mud. I held onto my wrestler and he couldn't free himself from me. Finally, however, I grabbed him by the ankles, pulled him over to the muddy pit, and forced him into the pit while I stayed up above, holding him by the ankles. He struggled and struggled, trying to free himself from me. Finally, he stopped moving, and I began to worry something might have happened to him. To some official-looking person standing next to me, I said, "You want to check him? He's not moving."

It seemed ironic that I had managed to subdue this professional wrestler. But now I was worried I might have seriously injured, or have even killed him. 

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