Dream of: 28 January 2006 "911"

I was in a large ranch-style house which my mother had recently purchased. It was night and my mother had already gone to bed. I was sitting in a room with large windows on one side, and as I looked out the windows into the yard, I was surprised to see a deer and a fawn, as well as a young colt. Up above them on a higher level of ground, peering down, was a male lion. As the lion stealthily descended some steps, obviously to attack the other animals, I began pounding on the windows to warn the animals.

When the lion reached the animals, the mother deer looked more like a female lion, and she began defending the fawn and the colt. The male lion forced closer, until all the other animals ran back into some brush which blocked my view. 

Through a window along another wall of the room, I saw some fellows (probably in their early 20s) outside. Since they appeared to want in, I walked over to the door, opened it, and began talking to them about what I had just seen. I half-way invited them in and they walked inside. I was somewhat glad to have some company. They apparently lived there in the neighborhood. They sat down and we talked. 

Since it was late at night and my mother was in the back room, however, I felt somewhat uncomfortable about their being there. Only three or four fellows had come in at first, but then several more showed up until about 10 of them were in the room. A couple even took a shower and walked out of the bathroom with only towels around them. When one fellow finally reached over and touched my penis with his hand, I immediately jumped up and announced that it was time for them to leave. I especially wanted a long-haired obnoxious fellow standing near me to leave. 

I still tried to be as friendly as possible, and even as I tried to get them out of the house, I prattled, asking them if they had grown my in the neighborhood. By now, however, they had become caustic and no one seemed to want to leave. When someone said something threatening to me, I ran over to a little black phone. Just as I picked up the phone and dialed "911," one fellow jerked the modular phone line out of the wall. I began wrestling with him and managed to jerk the phone line from him. I continued to hold the fellow with my arm around his neck, as I plugged the phone line back in the wall, and again I dialed "911." 

Someone answered the phone, "City Council."

I asked, "Is this 911?"

When I was satisfied that I had reached 911, I blurted, "Somebody forced their way into my house! Please come!"

The man on the other end said, "I'm ready."

He seemed ready to help, but he wanted more info. He said, "They forced their way in?"

I realized I had made a mistake, because the fellows hadn't actually forced their way in. So I tried to explain that they had gone outside and then forced their way back in.  But I realized what I was saying wasn't exactly the truth either. 

The fellow on the phone wanted directions. I thought the street address was "9812," but I couldn't remember for sure. The fellow asked, "Its on the right, isn't it?"

I knew that he should be able to tell from the 911 call where the call was coming from. I told him I hadn't lived here long, that this was my mother's house. I told him if he would turn up the hill, the house was toward the back of the road. The fellow whom I was still holding said, "Yea that's right."

His statement puzzled me. Why would he be trying to help me give the directions? He didn't seem at all concerned that the police would be coming. I, however, was quite worried about the situation, and I pleaded, "Please hurry."

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