Dream of: 26 January 2006 "Elevator To The Basement"

I had boarded a very cramped elevator (only about a meter square) with three other fellows (19-20 years old, the same age as I), who were supposed to be my friends. After the elevator started moving, I noticed a young woman (also 19-20 years old) on the elevator -- so five of us were scrunched in together.

When we started going down, one fellow took over the controls. First he stopped the elevator completely, then he started going down very fast. His actions upset me, so I also began pushing buttons. We would go, then stop, then speed up very fast, over and over. Finally I was so confused, I didn't even know whether we were moving. 

I also began worrying about the woman, who was very pretty. Only now did I notice she was carrying a small baby (about 15 centimeters long) to which she had apparently given birth the day before. Concerned the others might try to harm her, I took a protective stance and positioned her behind me. I even pulled out a heavy tire rod, in case I needed to fend off one of the fellows. 

It seemed as if I had known the woman once before. But I had been away. For the last eight months, I had been in prison and I had only returned today. So the outside world still seemed new to me. I did, however, notice the woman had pressed herself tighter and tighter against me. I was becoming more and more attracted to her. We began talking, and finally we even started discussing making love. She said I wouldn't want to make love to her, because she was still fat from the pregnancy. She even pulled up her top to show me her stomach. I told her that her weight wouldn't make any difference to me - I was definitely interested.

The elevator finally came to a stop, but the door wouldn't open and now we seemed trapped. We all desperately wanted off. I looked up toward the ceiling and saw a space through which we might be able to crawl out. I led the way, and we all climbed through the hole and were able to drop down on the outside of the elevator. 

I was still carrying my tire iron and the woman stayed right next to me. It looked as if we were in the basement. There was little light, and junk was piled all around. Wooden stairs led up to the next floor. Suddenly we heard a couple fellows at the top of the stairs. One said, "That's not the dogs."

Obviously the fellows had heard us in the basement and had thought perhaps some dogs were in the basement making the noise. But now the fellows realized no dogs were in the basement, and the fellows were coming down the stairs. I was most concerned about protecting the woman. As she and I hid under the stairs, I began banging the side of the stairs with the tire iron. My banging scared the two fellows and they ran back up the stairs. 

I was uncertain exactly how we would get out of here.

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