Dream of: 24 January 2006 (2) "Ominous Enigma"

Sometimes I seemed to be watching actual events, sometimes I seemed to be watching a movie. A series of bizarre murders had been committed in a large metroplex, and a group of young amateur sleuths (all in their 20s) had joined together to try to solve the murders. While these young detectives were gathered one day, they received a picture which showed one of the women in their group -- a tall slender attractive woman (about 25 years old) with short reddish hair. Everyone in the group immediately knew this picture had been sent by the murderer.

In the picture, the woman was wearing a thick, silver-pewter, serpentine-round bracelet around one wrist. The significance of the bracelet was unclear, but clearly the murderer had been watching the group and specifically the young woman. Scrutinizing the picture, the woman was obviously flattered that the murderer had been watching her, and she displayed no fear. Nevertheless, the picture was definitely an ominous enigma.


More like a movie now, the next scene unfolded with the sleuths gathered in their room, examining their evidence. Suddenly, a noise was heard outside, and the camera-shot eased out into the adjoining chambers - a huge high-vaulted gothic room, with an arched ceiling perhaps 30 meters high. The camera-shot traveled to the top of the ceiling, whence the sound had emanated. A huge round white globe which encased the light hung from the ceiling. Something had struck the globe and caused the sound. The camera-shot showed some kind of wire and pulley device which had allowed something to slide along the top of the ceiling and hit the globe.

The thing which had hit the globe was bizarre in itself -- it was a group of objects, all strung together on a long wire or rope, one over the other. The camera panned down the thing. Included were three white marble heads which had been hacked off statues and strung on the wire, along with various other objects.

The camera then traveled back to the top of the ceiling to reveal the main attraction. At the top of the wire which was holding the other objects, hang the murderer, his face concealed, dressed in elaborate clothing, hanging like a trapezist to the wire with one arm. In his other arm he was holding the young woman who had appeared in the picture, his arm wrapped around her waist. On her wrist she was wearing the exact thick silver serpentine bracelet which had appeared in the picture. Attached to the bracelet was a thick wire which ran up somewhere above her head.

Her face was serene. She seemed resigned to her fate and she realized there was no chance of escape. All was now clear to me also, and I knew what would happen next. Even as I thought about the ensuing action, it transpired, almost in slow motion. The murderer dropped the girl from his arm and she slowly plummeted toward the earth.

I knew what the final scene would be, almost as if I were composing it myself. The girl would not fall all the way to the floor. The wire around the bracelet on her wrist would stop her fall perhaps a meter from the floor. But the momentum would be so great, the wire holding the bracelet around her wrist would rip off her arm; -- her body, minus an arm, would then fall to the ground.

I wondered if perhaps some additional weight should be attached to her legs, to make sure the weight was sufficient to tear off her arm. Should the final scene show the body lying on the ground or the arm hanging from the wire? I thought the best final scene would simply show the lifeless bloody arm hanging from the wire. 

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