Dream of: 24 January 2006 "Ishtar"

I was teaching a woman about the language and culture of an eastern country. I first began talking of the women who lived in the country. I told the woman that all the statues of women had been destroyed in the country -- all except two.

An open book lay in front of me. The two statues were pictured in my book and I showed them to the woman. One statue was of a woman lying down and one statue was of a woman named Ishtar -- perhaps a goddess.

I told the woman I would teach her some of the language of the country. I explained that some of the language involved sitting in certain meditation positions. For example, all 24 hours of the day were expressed by sitting in 24 different positions. I thought I would begin my instruction by showing the woman the sitting position for one o'clock.

In this position, the legs were crossed and the hands were held together in front as if praying. I assumed the position so the woman could see for herself, and hopefully also try the position. If she would learn this position, she would be able to express the hour one.

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