Dream of: 22 January 2006 "Buried Alien Songs"

I was in a federal courthouse, not in the courtroom, but in the chambers of the federal judge, a thin gray-haired woman (probably in her mid 60s). I had lost something on the floor, and I was awkwardly crawling around on my hands and knees, looking for it. 

Finally I stood and went out into the hallway. I was wearing rollerblades and I began rollerblading through the halls of the courthouse. I was a little clumsy. Most people were wearing shoes, but a couple others were also wearing rollerblades and it seemed that rollerblades were at least tolerated there. 

I rollerbladed on outside into a large plaza area with a fountain. A woman in a red dress was lying on the ground. Then I saw many more women - perhaps 50 - also dressed in red dresses and lying around on the ground. They were all thin, attractive, and well-built. All seemed to have black hair. They seemed to be acting as if they were dead, as if to demonstrate something.

Suddenly I remembered that a man who had been wearing rollerblades had killed some women, and I concluded that these women were lying there to protest the murders. The man had never been found. I knew that I certainly hadn't killed the women, but since I was wearing the rollerblades, I was concerned that someone might confuse me with the murderer. One woman moved around so I could clearly see her black pubic area - she wasn't wearing panties. I rollerbladed past them and continued on.

I rollerbladed to an area where I was supposed to meet three other fellows with whom I had formed a band. I quickly found them and we sat down to talk. Our conversation, however, soon turned into an argument when they said something I didn't like. I was much stronger than they, and I quickly threw all of them down on the ground. They stood back up. We all cooled off and were soon friends again.

The argument had started because of an idea I had. I was convinced that we were going to find a treasure chest full of songs, buried in the sand on a nearby beach. We had already been searching for a long time for the treasure chest, and the others wanted to give up the search. Thus the disagreement. I was determined, however, to continue. They now agreed to go with me once again and look for the treasure. 

We made our way to the beach, which was very close. When we reached the beach, in my mind I had a clear vision of a round flying saucer which had once landed on the beach. Aliens had descended from the flying saucer and had buried the treasure chest of songs in the sand.

Despite my vision, I was still doubtful that we would ever find the treasure chest. The four of us sang as we walked over the sand, preparing to begin digging for the buried alien songs. 

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