Dream of: 21 January 2006 (2) "Wounded Duck"

I was driving a car with my mother in it. We were headed toward the House in Patriot and were only a few kilometers away. Suddenly, up ahead of us, I saw something in the road. Finally I realized it was a yellowish duck slowly waddling along - one of its legs was severely broken and bent all the way back. I told my mother the duck was like so many animals which we had seen along this road. 

I felt so sorry for the duck, I told my mother she could drive the car while I got out and tried to catch the duck. If I could catch it, I would take it to the House in Patriot and see if we could help it. Maybe we could find a place for it to stay in Patriot. It would certainly die if it were left out there. Obviously it was in a lot of pain. 

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