Dream of: 21 January 2006 "Feet Off The Ground"

As I was running down a country road, I decided I could run faster if my feet didn't touch the ground. So I rose up into the air and continued to run, even though my feet didn't touch the ground. I was able to move much faster this way - probably about 40 kilometers per hour. Since I didn't need to go any faster than this, I stopped moving my feet, and I continued to effortlessly fly at the same rate of speed. The sensation was awesome. Obviously this was the best way to run.

I kept going and going until finally up ahead of me I saw a police car parked in the left lane. The policeman had stepped out of the car and was lying down on his stomach in my lane, facing me, with his head raised up looking at me.

I slowed down so that by the time I reached him, I was barely moving, and I came back down and touched the ground. I thought he wanted to stop me for some reason, but he didn't, and I walked past him.

I walked off the road and into a small convenience store. Some other people were in the store. I looked around, but since nothing in the store interested me, I walked back outside. Some other people also walked out of the store and they all took off running.

I joined them and I began running next to a woman. My feet were on the ground, but I wanted to rise back in the air again, to show the woman how it was done. I wanted to show the woman how much better the running was when the feet didn't touch the ground. I had definite difficulty at first, but finally I managed to again rise back into the air. I had difficulty picking up speed, however, and I couldn't seem to achieve the same speed as before. 

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