Dream of: 20 January 2006 "Mrs. Robinson"

Several other people and I had walked into a clothing outlet store and were looking around. We were all intending to shortly go the wedding of Sam Frowine (a former high school classmate) and I was going to be Frowine's best man. I hadn't intended to buy anything here in the store, but I saw a long beige coat which appealed to me. Since it was only $30 and I needed a coat, I pulled it out to try on. The coat turned out to be very complicated, however, and I had to unfold it and wrap it around me. When I finally had it on, I was unsure I wanted to buy it. 

When I finally looked at a clock, I realized we had been here so long, we had missed the wedding. I didn't know what to do now, especially since I was supposed to be the best man.


Somehow, time had reversed, and I still had a half hour before the wedding began. I was standing outside on the street, trying to catch a taxi to the wedding. I tried and tried, but no taxis would stop. Finally I realized I only had 10 minutes left and I wasn't going to make it. Even if I caught a taxi right now, I would only arrive at the last minute. It looked as if I were going to miss the wedding.

It seemed as if someone had given me $300 to buy a wedding present. Since I wasn't going to go to the wedding, I thought I might keep the money. I wasn't sure. I thought I should give the money back, but I might keep it anyway.


I was lying in the grass next to a woman who reminded me of Mrs. Robinson (the character played by Anne Bancroft in the movie The Graduate). I had been dating Mrs. Robinson's daughter and I was in love with the daughter. Now, however, I found myself strongly attracted to Mrs. Robinson. Even though I was still thinking about the wedding, and I knew I needed to leave, I began nibbling on Mrs. Robinson's neck. I had a strong erection and lying next to Mrs. Robinson was so pleasurable. Finally I told her I wanted to make love to her. She seemed surprised. She had wanted to make love to me for a long time, but she hadn't thought I would ever want to. She asked me if I were ready and I told her I was "definitely ready." I thought our love-making would be extraordinary.

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