Dream of: 19 January 2006 (2) "Tornado Devastation"

My mother, my father, my wife Carolina, several other people, and I were walking together down a street, when I suddenly saw a tornado coming toward us on the other side of some buildings. I told the others to follow me down into the basement of the building right next to us (the entrance to the basement stairs was right there) but since no one else saw the tornado, they all remained standing at the top of the stairs as I ran down into the basement. When the funnel cloud suddenly hit, however, all came running down into the basement. As we listened to the tornado ripping the building apart above us, I crouched down next to a wall.

After the tornado had passed, everyone seemed unharmed. I walked back up to the street and the others followed. As we stood in front of a small store and surveyed the damage, several young black fellows walked up and asked us if we wanted to buy any crack. I told them to go away, that we didn't want anything from them. Suddenly one of them pulled out a small sharp silver object and deftly stabbed me right between the legs, not hard enough to actually pierce my pants, but still causing some slight discomfort. 

I grabbed the fellow, struggled with him, and ripped some money away from him. I then released him and grabbed some money from a couple of the other fellows. Then I turned to a Hispanic girl who was with the black fellows, and I handed all the money to her. 

The black fellows backed off, and my little group started walking down the street, with the black fellows still following us. I looked for a police officer, but the whole area was so devastated, none could be found. Finally, however, I saw a black female police officer. I quickly walked over to her and told her about the incident with the black fellows and how they were still following us. The police officer walked over to the black fellows and began talking with them. I thought that at least now the black fellows would be off our backs. 

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