Dream of: 19 January 2006 "Chase Scene"

I was watching a movie in which Sandra Bullock (about 30 years old) was trying to escape from Harrison Ford (about 50 years old). They had originally been partners in a spy organization, but one had betrayed the other, so they were now enemies. As the chase progressed through a building, Bullock managed to knock Ford down and stick his head in a commode containing feces. While Ford was unconscious, Bullock flushed the commode. As she ran off, it looked as if some of the feces was going to go into Ford's mouth. 

Ford, however, soon recovered, and even though Bullock had a big head start, he gave chase and began gaining on her. She was running down some stairs of the building and was about five stories ahead of Ford. The movie had indicated that both Bullock and Ford had received extensive training in these kind of chases.

When Bullock finally reached the basement, she found a gigantic room where many people were working. It looked as if the workers were manufacturing something. Bullock knew she couldn't cause a big commotion, and she cautiously began easing her way through the workers. It appeared that if she could only get out of this building, she would be in Washington D.C., and she would probably be able to make good her escape. Ford, however, was coming on fast and was just about to catch up with Bullock.

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