Dream of: 06 January 2006 "Torture Chamber"

I was witnessing a horrific scene: a man was torturing a bunch of people. We were in an old labyrinthine house with many rooms and different kinds of torture in each room. The man had three assistants who were helping him with the torture. I was unsure whether the assistants were willing helpers or were being forced against their will to help.

My perspective changed back and forth. At times I seemed to simply be an observer and at times I seemed to be one of the victims who was going to be tortured. At other times I simply seemed to be watching a horror movie.

Gradually I learned the torturer had 40 victims in the house. The torturer had gone out into a suburban community, had broken into one of every 100 houses which he had found, and had kidnapped a victim from the house. I calculated the torturer had therefore monitored 4,000 houses to obtain the 40 victims. Apparently the torturer had found breaking into houses and kidnapping people quite easy.

In one room several almost naked men were lying on tables with their arms and legs bound and tape over their eyes. They had been placed in particularly uncomfortable positions and were obviously in great agony. At the rear of the room was a long armoire, over two meters long. I began to notice a thumping sound which seemed to emanate from the armoire. As I stood close to the armoire, one of the assistants walked over and pulled open the door. I was amazed and shocked by what I saw: more than a dozen men had been crammed into the armoire. Some had been pressed in so tightly, they were as flat as pieces of cardboard. When the doors were opened, the men seemed to expand out into the room. Suddenly I noticed one man as flat as cardboard had a gun in his hand. He slowly moved around in position and fired the gun. In the confusion which ensued, as the assistants tried to wrest the gun from the man, I made my way to the front door and managed to escape.

I began running down the grassy lane in front of the house. There were no other houses nearby, only an overgrown lane. Finally, up ahead, I began to see some houses. At the same time, I realized the three assistants were chasing me. They almost looked like zombies. They seemed to express no emotion and their movements seemed almost mechanical.

As I saw more and more houses, I began to realize where I was: in an area just east of South Shore, Kentucky. I had lived in South Shore for about a year when I had been in the fifth and sixth grades, and I had gone to school close to this area. I even now seemed to recall that all the events I was now witnessing had happened long ago, and that this area was famous for the house where the tortures had taken place. It was even somewhat of a tourist attraction.

I kept passing more houses until finally I saw some people sitting on a porch on the second floor of a house. I ran up the outside stairs to the porch and screamed for the people to help me. They also seemed to be somewhat emotionless. They just sat there, at first, uncomprehending. Finally, however, one pulled out an old handgun and pointed it at the three assistants, who were running toward the house.

I wasn't sure the handgun even worked. I wasn't going to wait around to find out. I ran into the house, thinking I would run down the stairs inside and exit on the other side. Maybe the assistants would be stopped by the people on the porch and I would make good my escape.

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