Dream of: 04 January 2006 "Latin Proverbs"

I had moved into a little town where I was living in an attic which was sufficiently comfortable. To exit the attic, I had to drop down through a hole n the floor to the room below, where there was a beauty shop.

I didn't know why I had come to this comfortable little town or how long I would stay there. I did know, however that while living there, I intended to attend high school. When I went to school for the first day of class, I attended a Latin class and several other classes, then returned home to the attic.

When I awoke the following day, I realized I didn't have a clock in the attic. My car outside had a clock, but there in the attic, I didn't know what time it was. It seemed early and I was still half asleep. I stood up and lowered myself through the hole into the beauty shop. A woman in the shop was getting ready to leave. She had a shopping cart which I climbed into. She pushed the cart outside and continued pushing me down the street, until she pushed the cart into a store, where I saw a clock. I knew I had to be at class at 10 a.m. At first I thought the clock said 10:30 and I thought I would be late. Then, however, I realized the clock said 8:30 and I realized how early it was. I decided to go back to my attic.

I climbed out of the cart, walked back to the beauty shop and stepped in. It was just one big room. Several beauticians were working on women sitting in two rows of seats. A black-haired beautician was standing in the front. One rather pretty woman (about 30 years old) with reddish hair attracted me. If I were going to live there, I might try making her acquaintance. I might ask her to go dancing, except I didn't know how to dance very well. I concluded I might have to take some dance lessons. Maybe I could find a private instructor to give me dance lessons, because I didn't want everyone to know I didn't know how to dance.

I said hello to the beauticians, then I started trying to figure out how to climb back up through the square hole in the ceiling. I had to climb up on the bench of one beautician. I pulled myself up through the hole and into my attic room.

Once in my room, I stated thinking about the classes I was taking. I was happy that no homework assignments were given. However, an extremely difficult test would be given at the end of the week. The classes were easy, but the tests were hard. I thought I definitely needed to study, especially for the Latin class.

Much of the work in the Latin class had been the study of different proverbs. I definitely needed to study my Latin proverbs. I wanted to do as well as I could on the test.

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