Dream of: 03 January 2006 "Assaulted"

While Carolina and I were going somewhere, our car broke down, and we had to get out and start walking. We were trying to return to Dallas and we knew we would have to cross a river, but we soon discovered we were in a very bad part of town. 

Suddenly two black thugs walked up and accosted us. When we kept walking without stopping, two more black fellows (they were only 15-16 years old) walked up to us and this time, one pulled out a gun. I told Carolina to run and she took off running. I stayed behind for a moment, then I also took off running behind her. We ran down a very bad street, headed toward a bridge which crossed the river. Black people were milling all around. Just when things looked the worst, we managed to run into a police station located right under the bridge.

I was relieved to see policemen standing around. We had found safety. A slender policewoman (about 30 years old) was standing right beside me. I asked her if she knew how we could return to Dallas. I told her we had been assaulted three times. She called over a group of young white people visiting this area and she said they might be able to give us a ride. A girl in the group said that she wasn't sure, that she would have to see if they had room.

Carolina saw someone she thought she knew. Carolina thought the person might be able to help us. I told Carolina that when we returned home we would have to bring my car back here to pick up her car (we had been in her car). I would bring my .38 caliber gun with me, even though I knew doing so would be illegal and I could be arrested for unlawful carrying a weapon, I would take the chance. I wasn't going to go back there without a gun.

In the future, I thought I also needed to take the course in Texas which would allow me to carry a gun. Being assaulted like this without being able to defend myself was ridiculous.

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