Dream of: 01 January 2006 "Starting Anew"

While I was in a small convenience store, a black fellow walked in, pulled out a gun, and pointed it at me and several other people. A policeman standing in the corner of the store just held his hands in the air and didn't do anything as the black fellow began taking things from people. He took a little black handgun from one person, handed the handgun to me and told me to hold on to it. He then continued robbing the other people.

When he turned his back to me, I pointed the handgun at his back, flipped the safety switch on the side and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. Thinking I must have turned the safety on instead of off, I flipped the safety again and again I pulled the trigger. This time the gun discharged and I shot the black fellow in the back. When he didn't move, I shot him again. He turned around and starred right at me. He didn't fall, but blood spurted all over the place. The policeman finally grabbed him.

I just wanted to leave. I dropped the gun on the blood-drenched floor and little blood spots splattered all over me. I asked if I could leave and when the policeman didn't try to stop me, I simply walked out of the store.

Once outside on a busy street, I realized I was in New York City. I was staying there in a hotel with someone else and I intended to return to my room. I started walking along the crowded street. The sidewalk was blocked in the direction I wanted to walk, so I had to walk down another block.

I thought I might call Weinstein while I was in New York. He would be surprised. I wasn't quite sure what I was doing there. I only knew I had taken off and come to New York. I planned to stay a couple days, but I might simply stay there permanently.

I thought I might also call my father who was also in New York, but I really didn't want to talk with him, so I doubted I would call.

I knew I had made a big change in my life and that this might be the place where I would start anew. But I still wasn't sure. I might stay there for a while, then travel on. Or I might simply stay there permanently.

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