Dream of: 11 February 2005 "Retirement"

My wife Carolina and I were visiting a European country, but she wasn't with me at the moment. I was sitting alone near a canal on a scenic little street in a town. A man was sitting on my left and a woman on my right. I had been coming there every morning for the last few days to sit and look at the canal. I enjoyed coming there so much, I thought I might continue coming regularly. Of course I wouldn't take the seat of the man or the woman, who looked as if they came every day to the same seats to sit and read their papers. I might even start telling people I was retired. In fact, I might even actually retire. I had enough money to live on, acquired from various sources over the years, so I didn't need to work. I could tell people that I had practiced law for a while and had made enough money so I didn't have to work any more. That was true. It felt good to be able to already say I was in retirement. 

Today, as I gazed down into the water (only about 30 centimeters deep), I noticed several chess pieces lying on the bottom of the canal - a pawn, a queen, and other pieces. Another object looked like a small primitive rock statue of a human figure. Yet another rock statuette resembled the Madonna and the baby Jesus.

When Carolina (25-30 years old) walked up, I pointed out the objects in the water to her. I was thinking I might reach down into the water and grab them. Then I noticed some even more intricate statues of churches and cathedrals in the water. One statue was as tall as I. I reached out to touch the church statue, only to discover that it was surrounded by Plexiglas. Obviously these objects had been purposely put in the water for people to see, and not to be taken.

Carolina and I turned and walked back up to the rooms where we were staying. I thought we would probably stay in this town for several more days. I was in the adjoining room to Carolina. I could see her lying on the bed in her room. I thought I would go in there and make love to her. I said something to her through the door and she indicated she would be ready.

I walked to the bathroom so I could urinate first. I already had my penis out when I realized I was in the wrong room. I held my penis tightly so nothing would come out, then I dashed through the door to the bathroom. I hoped Carolina hadn't seen me holding my penis and running around like that. I was already becoming aroused by the prospect of making love to her. She looked especially alluring today.

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