Dream of: 02 February 2005 "Failure To Communicate"

My father and I were standing near the Gallia County Farmhouse. He was complaining about why we didn't get along. We hadn't been talking lately, but his reasons seemed askew to me. He didn't understand, I blurted out, that the real problem was that we couldn't communicate. I couldn't tell him how I really felt about him because he always became so angry if I criticized him in any way whatsoever.

From where we were standing, I could see the tobacco field, with the tobacco plants and their wide green leaves. Here was just one example of what I was talking about: I thought his raising tobacco and making money from tobacco was deplorable. Yet I couldn't tell him that, because he would explode in a fit of rage.

Another thing that bothered me was his continuing to allow hunting deer on the Farm. Yet there was nothing I could do about it and if I would bring up the subject, he would just ignore me or become angry.

As we had been talking we had moved up the road away from the Farmhouse to the section of land on the other side of the road and we were now out among the trees. Even as I had been thinking about hunting deer, I noticed several deer had gathered around us. I was especially interested in the deer, because I knew I had recently dreamed about deer, and I thought maybe now I could figure out why. I was surprised to see the deer come so close to us without their being frightened. When I saw that three or four of the deer were bucks with fairly large antlers, as a precaution I pulled myself up on the rock cliff behind me, several meters above them.

My father, however, stayed below, and soon I was shocked as the deer began savagely attacking him. I couldn't see well, but I could discern that the deer had knocked him to the ground and were viciously goring him with their antlers. He was screaming for help, but I knew I couldn't go down to him, or I would suffer the same fate as he.

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