Dream of: 24 January 2005 "Cut In Half"

In was in the lobby of a luxury hotel, sitting on an elegant  couch between two men. I was here for a legal seminar, and the two men were both lawyers, but I didn't know them. On my lap lay a thick coverless red book, like a law school book. I turned it over so I could clearly see the title on the top -- it was about consumer law. I thought the two lawyers might ask me about it, but they didn't. Instead they started talking about some other area of law which didn't interest me.

I stood up and walked away. I was thinking of practicing law again and if I did so I was thinking of consumer law. I would need an office -- the same old problem, all the hassle of getting set up. I wondered if I might get an office with Leland again.

I walked out of the lobby through a door, and suddenly on the floor in front of me I saw a bizarre sight: a mouse had been cut in half and had been stuffed into a taco chip. The mouse was still alive, however, and was running across floor. Two other people also going through the door gasped. I walked on, wondering who could have been so cruel.

I went to my room and ordered breakfast to be brought up. I had a coupon for $3.50 for breakfast. I was only paying thirty-some dollars for the room, which was worth far more than that. It was a great deal. A boy showed up with breakfast. A second boy was with him (both about 12 years old). The first boy wasn't particularly friendly and I decided I wasn't going to give him a tip. I asked how much my bill was and he said $8. I told him I had a coupon for $3.50, but he said he had to get at least $8. I was astounded. I told him I was only paying $3.50 and I asked him if he would take it. He said no. I thought I could probably give him $5, but I simply refused at this point to give a tip. I told him we would go down to the manager.

He picked up the food and the three of us walked out, boarded the elevator and headed down. I was angry: what a waste of time for a few dollars; and now the food was wasted because it was cold.

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