Dream of: 15 January 2005 "Jetsons Bank"

I was thinking about participating in a demonstration in Iraq. The Iraqi situation had deteriorated and become so hostile, some American soldiers were planning to hold a solidarity demonstration with some Iraqis. The plan was to have the Americans and Iraqis meet in the middle of the city and fraternize. I could already see myself walking along and taking part. I wouldn't talk with anyone, I would simply march. I thought my mere presence might help in some way -- even though I didn't know exactly how. 

At the moment, however, I wasn't in Iraq -- I was in the basement of a house where I was living. The basement was large, had a concrete floor, and was supplied with furniture. My father was sitting at a desk over to the side.

Some people were supposed to come there today regarding the demonstration by the Americans and the Iraqis. As I thought about the people coming, I became aware how messy the basement was. Some water had even seeped into the basement on one side. I reflected how such seepage had never occurred before. It was strange that of all days, today when people were coming, water would seep in. 

I began straightening up the mess. On the floor I had poured out a pile of toys from a white plastic garbage bag. I began sorting through the toys, thinking I might set some of them around the room for display. I had stored these toys away a long time ago and had only recently rediscovered them. I had forgotten that I even had them until I had found them again. They were rather pretty, mostly action figures. Several action figures were by Todd McFarlane. I picked up one of those, a figure of "the Violator," and set it up. 

I picked up another toy about 10 centimeters tall, which had pictures of the "Jetsons" on it. Examining the vivid colors on the toy, I realized it was an old metal bank in very good condition. I thought it was pretty, so I also set it up. I needed to get things straightened up as quickly as possible, because people would soon be showing up. 

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