Dream of: 10 January 2005 "Alicia Weathers"

I had arrived at a class reunion. Hesitant to enter, I walked into the building, but not into the main room. I could see people sitting inside as I walked down a stairs, and I heard several people say all at once "Steve is here," "There's Steve," and such. Obviously they had seen me and I could see them sitting at a table with Duff (with whom I first came in contact in 1964 when we were both in the seventh grade). Duff looked about 20 years old and he had dark black hair. I had wondered before how he would look and whether I would recognize him, since I hadn't seen him in so many years. 

I continued down the stairs into the basement,  thinking I wouldn't go in. Since so many people had seen me, however, I didn't see how I couldn't. I walked back up the stairs and opened the door to the main room. The little group of six or seven with Duff all ran toward me. I hugged everyone at once. One woman (about 20 years old) was particularly happy to see me. I didn't recognize her and I asked for her name, but everyone thought that I was kidding, that I really knew her name, and no one answered. 

I looked at all the faces. My old classmate Warnock was in the group. She acted at first as if she were peeved about something, but she was only kidding. I knew everyone had probably read my dreams which I had posted on the Internet. I definitely knew Duff had read some, because he had written me about them. I was worried some of the others might be unhappy because I might have said something bad about them. Everyone seemed to be happy to see me, however, and no one seemed angry. 

We all began walking together. Maynard (another former female classmate) was on my right and I had my arm around her shoulder. We walked toward our seats, trying to decide where to sit. Finally I was walking only with Maynard, still with my arm about her. I told her I hadn't  been kidding when I had said I didn't know the woman who had seemed so happy to see me. I wondered if the woman might be from Vermont or if one of the others was from Vermont. I knew someone in Vermont had been reading my dreams and I thought maybe one of these was that person. 

Maynard said the woman's name was "Alicia Weathers" -- I didn't remember anyone by that name. I asked Maynard what the woman's maiden name had been, but I didn't receive an answer. We kept looking for a good place to sit. Perhaps 200 people were sitting at tables in the room. 

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