Dream of: 06 January 2005 "Amazing World"

While I was in the house where I was living, I discovered a door which I hadn't noticed before. I opened the door and walked into a small room about the size of an ante-room. I walked toward a door on the other side of the room, opened it and walked through. Almost instinctively I knew what was in this room: in this room I could make happen anything I wanted. It was like stepping into another world.

I quickly decided I would like to see some naked women. I was able to do so, but not immediately. The place gradually began filling up with people and among them were some attractive women. They were clothed, but gradually some of their clothes disappeared and some extremely attractive women (in their early 20s) were at least partially nude.

I enjoyed what I was seeing, but I wanted more, so I left the room and I walked outside onto a street which fronted the ocean. Buildings rose along one side and the ocean lay on other side. As I walked along, passing other people, enjoying the view, I decided I could simply fly. I began rising in the air just a little bit so the tips of my shoes were still touching the ground and I began floating along. I loved it.

I decided to fly out over the ocean and I did so. I flew close to the rocky shore. I decided I would rather sit as I flew, and I formed a little cockpit around me like on a fighter jet and I flew around over the ocean. Suddenly however, I felt my foot step on something and I realized I had stepped on my glasses.  I recalled I had let them drop on the floor earlier. I picked up the glasses -- one lens was broken. This was going to cause definite problems. But then I thought since I could change things in this world, maybe I could even go back in time before the glasses had been broken. Instantly I willed it to happen and I went back in time and held the unbroken glasses in my hand. I was amazed it had worked -- now I would be able to continue in this amazing world with my glasses.

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