Dream of: 02 January 2005 "Aura Of Evil"

I was in the upstairs of a house which seemed like the Gallia County Farmhouse, but whose rooms were arranged differently than the Farmhouse. Although I was in a room by myself, several other people were in the other rooms. Among those was a middle-aged woman who was my mother-in-law. I was particularly concerned about her because I had recently discovered that she had once murdered someone, disposed of the body, and never been prosecuted. I had no intention to become involved in that affair, but I was now worried about her attitude toward me. She had never been friendly to me, and now I wondered if I might be in danger.

As I sat alone in my room, watching the television, I wondered what she might try to do to hurt me. When I turned the channel on the television, I discovered that none of the other channels were working and when I returned to the channel I had been watching, it also was no longer working. I immediately concluded that my mother-in-law had sabotaged the television and when I looked around behind me, I was startled to see her quietly standing there. She was an attractive well-proportioned woman, about my age. Yet an aura of evil seemed to ensconce her.

I was frightened. I jumped up and lunged at her. As soon as I grabbed her, however, and held her firmly in my hands, her body just seemed to disappear like mist, and I was left holding only her clothes -- a light-brown outfit. I thrashed the clothes against a piece of furniture several times, until I realized my actions were in vain, and I threw the clothes on the floor.

Now I was frightened not only for myself, but also for my mother (who was in bed in one of the upstairs rooms) and the other people in the house. My wife was also in one of the other rooms, but I didn't think my mother-in-law would harm my wife (because they were related) but I wasn't sure of that either. I ran out of my room and across the hall to my mother's room, screaming, "Mom! Mom!"

When I entered my mother's room, however, my mother wasn't there: the neatly-made bed was empty. I ran out of the room and into my wife's room. Her room was also empty. Terrified that something had happened to everyone, I ran back out into the hall, still screaming, "Mom! Mom!"

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