Dream of: 31 January 2003 (2) "Incompetent"

The United States was preparing to go war with Iraq. I was watching a scene taking place in Iraq, watching the Iraqis stockpile weapons for the impending war. Piles of small and large caliber guns were being stacked in an empty field. Obviously the Iraqis knew the forces of the United States would be overwhelming. Nevertheless, the Iraqis intended to resist. They planned to form small resistance groups which would go underground once the Americans invaded. The Iraqis would ambush the Americans whenever they could; they were determined not to surrender, to fight to the death.

I pondered the news. Why was George W. Bush so determined to attack Iraq? Was he really that incompetent? Could he not see the futility of this looming war? Nobody would win. Many people would die for nothing.

Tears came to my eyes. People were nearby; I didn't want anyone to see me crying over something like a war with Iraq. But why not? What did it matter to me if someone saw me express my emotions? This war made me sad. I felt as if I could cry all day. And if someone saw me so be it. No dishonor in tears.

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