Dream of: 10 July 2000 "vogelein.com"

I was in a courtroom where I had met some other attorneys whom I knew. One was a fellow (30-35 years old) who was handling a case against another attorney about the same age. Two female attorneys were also present. I liked all the attorneys. I had known them all for years and we all lived in the same small town. However, I hadn't seen any of them lately, except for one of the female attorneys, with whom I had recently been having an affair.

I watched the two male attorneys talking about their case and how hard they were working. I thought to myself that I didn't do that kind of work anymore.

The woman with whom I had been having the affair walked out of the courtroom, and I began talking with the other woman and one of the male attorneys. We were all speaking Spanish. I was speaking excellent Spanish. Since they hadn't seen me in quite a while, they wanted to know what I had been doing. I tried to explain. I knew that I still had a law office and that I was still marginally connected to the law. They seemed to think I had been involved with some kind of esoteric legal work, but I told them I hadn't practiced law at all for the last two years, and for the three years prior to that, I had just been winding down old cases and hadn't taken on any new cases. So altogether, I hadn't taken on any new cases for five years. I told them that I now did different things every day, that I just went from one thing to another. One day I would do one thing, the next day I would do something else. Then I said, "One thing is though, for more than 30 years, I've been writing my dreams. Its the one thing I have continued to do steadily."

I told them I had posted many of the dreams on my website. They seemed interested, although they seemed uncertain what to make of my doing something like that. The woman wanted to know the address of my website. I wasn't quite sure of the complicated words in my website address, but I told her she could reach the website by going to "vogelein.com" and I wrote down the words for her.

I wasn't even sure myself what I was doing with the dreams, or how much time I had spent on them, but it seemed my principal occupation at the moment was writing my dreams on the website.

The other woman (with whom I had been having the affair) finally walked back into the room. She immediately put her arms around me and began passionately kissing me right there in the courtroom. Even though she was an attorney and she knew I wasn't practicing law, she was still definitely attracted to me and I certainly was attracted to her. We simply ignored the other two attorneys and continued kissing.

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