Dream of: 20 February 2000 "Night Of The Iguana"

I was somewhere on the western coast of Mexico, near the Pacific Ocean. The area was beautiful; a small stream of clear water was running near my feet. Part of the water was backed up in a small rock formation, overhung with luxuriant green vegetation. I recognized this spot: a scene from the movie Night of the Iguana had been filmed here. I could even see the scene, in black and white, superimposed on the scene before me – Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were standing in the water, up to their shoulders, holding and looking at each other, exactly as I recalled their having embraced in the movie.

As the scene faded, I realized other people were around me, and I fell in with them as we all walked onto a patio, apparently part of the motel where I was staying. Twenty or thirty people were in the group, mostly young, and mostly with black hair and dressed in tropical Mexican garb, fit for the beach. Music began playing in the background, and the others began dancing. I felt stiff, unable to join in the dancing, but gradually, I also began to move a little, swaying with the music. I wasn't dancing, but at least I wasn't standing stiff and still.

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