Dream of: 20 August 1995 "Leaky Tube"

I had acquired a large building which inside looked like a warehouse. The building was in Portsmouth, Ohio, on the corner of Gay and Second Street where I had previously noticed a large, abandoned brick building next to the campus of Shawnee State University.

I was inside the building, looking it over, intending to fix it up. I already had a man helping me. He was sitting on a large chandelier hanging in the center of the room, trying to repair it. It occurred to me that his hanging up there like that was dangerous; if the chandelier should fall, he could be seriously injured. But he seemed to know what he was doing. He was probably about 30 years old and looked in good physical shape. I knew I had agreed to pay the man seven dollars an hour for the work he was doing. It looked as if he were going to finish in about eight hours. I thought that was a bargain for me because I would have gladly paid a hundred dollars to get the work done. I bet he wished he had done the work by the job instead of by the hour.

I walked into the next room where a commode was sitting. I knew the man had also been working on the commode to get it working, and I walked over to it to see if it was now functional. To my dismay I discovered a flexible, plastic tube with a nut on the end of it was loose on the commode and water was spraying out of it. I unhooked the tube completely and the water stopped flowing. I then screwed the nut back in place, and the problem seemed stopped.

Continuing to look around, I noticed a hole in the floor and looked through it. Beneath me I saw another room, and perhaps 30-40 boxes stacked on one side of the room. I wondered what was in the boxes and thought I would have to go down later and check it out.

Seeing the boxes made me think of the plans I had for the warehouse: I wanted to store things there. But it wasn't as simple as that; I had larceny in mind. What I intended to do was store stolen goods in the warehouse. If a truckload of goods were stolen, they could be brought here and stored. Of course I would need to protect myself legally. I could do that by setting up a sham corporation. I would then buy the goods from the sham corporation, and then if the stolen goods were traced to the corporation, I could deny knowledge of their being stolen. All stolen goods would be channeled through the fake corporation to me.


I awoke lying on a couch in the warehouse. It was late in the morning, around eleven o'clock. I thought Roger Blessing (a farmhand who worked on my father's farm) was working somewhere in the warehouse. I was slightly embarrassed for having him see me sleep so late. But as I walked around the warehouse I didn't see him anywhere.

Instead, looking down one hallway, I saw my mother standing on the second or third rung of a step latter, working on one of the walls. She looked as if she were about 30 years old. She had dark hair and a gorgeous figure; overall quite beautiful. I was immediately attracted to her. I knew I had made love to her many times and I could now take her home and make love with her again. And that was exactly what I intended to do.

However I had one slight problem. I was only wearing a tee shirt and white undershorts. Looking down at my undershorts I saw a stain about the size of a silver dollar, and I recalled I had just had a wet dream in which I had made love to my mother. I also recalled how pleasurable the dream had been, and for a moment felt myself reliving the sensation. However, I didn't want my mother to see the wet spot on the front of my shorts, and I pulled my tee shirt down over them.

Before I could follow through with my intentions with my mother, I saw Mike Walls coming down some stairs, and he quickly engaged me in conversation. He knew about my plans to store the stolen goods in the warehouse, and it seemed as if he might even participate in the venture.

At the moment he was excited about a recent decision of the United States Supreme Court. He said that according to the decision, police officers had been given much wider latitude in conducting searches. I recalled I had recently read the decision myself. Indeed, according to the decision, in the future a police officer would be able to conduct a search if he felt himself the search was reasonable. Police departments would no longer be able to make rules regarding searches; instead the reasonableness of the search would be left entirely to the individual police officers. Obviously this was going to make searches in the future much easier to justify.

As we talked, I looked out a window and saw a parade going down Gallia Street. Several fire trucks were in the parade. I saw perhaps 100 people sitting on the grass in the shade of a large building on Gallia Street.


I was riding in the front seat of a car which Walls was driving. A truck carrying a load of logs passed us. Every log was bright green. I remembered a law had been recently passed in Ohio which required all logs to be dipped in a green chemical.


I was walking in New Boston – headed in the direction of Portsmouth – when I turned into a bar. I walked up to the bar, sat down and ordered a beer. One after the other I drank six beers. As I finally stood to leave, I recalled having recently heard someone talk about addiction. The person had said one sign of addiction was the need for more and more of the addictive substance to maintain the addiction. I had to admit it seemed it did take more and more beer to satisfy me. I had just drunk six beers and hardly felt anything. Yet I did feel I had somehow been affected by the alcohol.

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