Dream of: 29 July 1994 "Murder Conspiracy"

Another fellow and I were planning to kill a member of my family. I could picture us as already having completed the task, having chopped up the body and stuffed it into a large bag. I could then imagine how we had loaded the bag high up on a large pickup truck. We hadn't yet actually committed the murder, however, and I was still only thinking about it.

In my imagination, other people were present when we had committed the murder. The presence of the others concerned me because I was worried about being caught. I was particularly worried about how we would move the truck with so many people present.


I was at the funeral of my father's step-father Clarence, who was the person the other fellow and I had killed. I also now realized my father was the other person who had helped me commit the murder. Now both my father and I were attending the funeral. My father and I walked into the room where the closed coffin reposed. Not many people were there, but as more entered, I noticed the coffin appeared to be open.

My father's mother Mabel walked in and sat down. She was a bit angry because she had been left in another room of the funeral home. I told her to scoot over next to my father, then I sat down on the other side of her. We were sitting in a back row, from where I could now see that the coffin was open and that Clarence was in it. As somebody was looking into the coffin, Clarence began sitting up until he was sitting up straight. I was horrified as I realized my father and I hadn't succeeded in killing Clarence. The murder had only occurred the previous day; I concluded that the undertaker hadn't checked Clarence well. Up until now I had been very worried that we would be caught. At least much of my fear was now removed when I realized Clarence was still alive. Someone hollered out, "He's alive!"

A mass of people surged toward the coffin. I sat unmoving, uncertain what to do. Clarence was wearing a brown suit and appeared to be disoriented. He sat a few moments, then lay back down. It looked as if the people were going to lift Clarence from the coffin and then transport him somewhere to see if he could be resuscitated.

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