Dream of: 14 January 1994 "Joining The Army"

I was visiting Mike Walls at his parents house on Jackson Street in Portsmouth, Ohio. I was lying on my back in a bed with the covers pulled up. Walls was on lying on my right and a young woman was lying on my left. I asked Walls if he ever saw his old girlfriend, Mary Atherton, anymore. He said he didn't. I recalled that Atherton had been a pretty girl and had finally broken up with Walls. I wondered what she thought of Walls now. Walls hadn't turned out too well. He was rather doofles and hadn't managed his life well. Atherton was probably glad she had gotten rid of him when she did.

It finally occurred to me that I needed to get up and I crawled out of bed. I felt a bit embarrassed for having been lying in bed in the first place. I thought there was some dishes in the sink I might ought to wash; but what I really wanted to do was see about getting some drugs. I asked Walls if Randy Ramey was selling any drugs and Walls said he was. That pleased me. I asked Walls if he could drive me to Ramey's house. Walls said he could take me there if I could take him to a place he had to go latter. I asked him where it was and he told me, but I didn't understand, and asked him how many miles away it was. He told me it was 100 miles. I told him I couldn't take him that far. He seemed rejected, and I felt bad. It was as if I were telling him I wasn't good enough friends with him to take him.

Walls mentioned that Ramey was going to join the army. That seemed strange to me, because not only was Ramey in his late 30s, but he had never shown any interest in joining the army. Of course I realized it was strange that I had become a lawyer; so maybe it made some sense for Ramey to join the army.

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